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The services our company provides, according to the ISO 9001 standards:

♦ Ship towage, in the ports of Constantza, Mangalia and Midia;
♦ Shifting romanian and foreign ships in the port and at the roads;
♦ Mooring unmooring the ships to and from the pier (quay / jetty);
♦ Salvage and rescue;
♦ Towage of maritime oil platforms; (oilrig towage: port and deep sea)
♦ Towage between romanian and foreign ports.

The objectives of the company are to supply our partners the best and most advantageous services with a highly qualified and experienced employees:
♦ STCW'95 certified personnel;
♦ medically fit;
♦ good command of English;
♦ vast experience aboard the tugboats;
♦ crews trained in accordance with IMO requirements.

The company policy is to ensure the safety, efficiency and promptness of our services, compiling to all the National and International regulations and standards, and to provide them at highly competitive prices.

Since 1957, our company has offered towage services for the ships that called the ports of Constanta, Mangalia and Midia using a fleet of 4 tugboats at that time.
During the last 50 years, COREMAR built a worthy reputation based on its efficiency.
Today, after so many years, COREMAR is the biggest romanian towage company, it has around 200 employees, a fleet of 14 tugboats and a reputation that has been growing based on the quality and safety of our services.